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Illustration | when you need something...extra

Photos are great! They really are. I use and take photos all the time. But there are times when you need to speak with a hand drawn illustration or painting. Below are samples that were used in various applications for my clients.


Children's Book |Fearless Beans 
Working with the author, Melissa Heye was such a joy. She wanted to help children feel less afraid of going to daycare or pre-school by identifying with this cute puppy, Beans. Inside the book we can identify the uncertainty and then pure joy as Beans goes through his day after meeting and playing with his new friends. These are just a few of the pages of the inside of this cute book.


Cards | Watercolors & Pencils
If time permits, I always like to design my own Christmas / Holiday cards. I feel that when I send a "Thank You" Christmas card to my clients, it should be from my heart and not the store. 

"Always say 'Please and "Thank You"
- Kathy's Mom



People | Simple & Fun
Somtimes a client will ask me to do quick and fun little illustrations for themselves or for projects they are working on.


Background Art | Bookplates
Clients ask for illustrations where maybe a photo doesn't quite give the client what they want. These are just various samplings of illustrations that were used as bookplates or backgrounds for marketing  material for an event.
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