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What my clients want to tell you. These make my heart happy by the way.


"Kathy is an amazing and creative graphic designer. I have worked with her for over 15 years and have been extraordinarily pleased with her service and the final products she delivers. Kathy is always responsive and when my timelines are tight she blows me away by meeting the challenge with enthusiasm. She is patient with me when I am not available to articulate my ideas and in many cases she knows what I want better then I do. I have recommended Kathy to my colleagues and customers for years - all of whom rave about her. She is unbeatable in my book." - MS

"Kathy is one of the most talented graphic artists I know. She's thoughtful and focused. She listens well to customers and helps them to understand the project details as well as visualize the outcome. She's one of the best in the business." - AT

"Kathy has an amazing work ethic and works with the utmost professionalism and integrity. She is kind, caring and an absolute pleasure to work with. She is also extremely patient and thorough. You can't go wrong with hiring her... you wil never regret it." - MR

"I cannot say enough good things about Kathy. I always refer Kathy to anyone who needs graphic design work. I am sincere in telling them that in my opinion "Kathy is the best graphic designer ever born!" She is client oriented - always giving the client exactly what they need WHEN they need it. I'm also continually amazed by her cheerfulness and positive outlook. She rises above the fray which is, without a doubt in my mind, why her clientele keep coming back to her". - RV

"I have worked with Kathy on multiple projects for multiple companies for the past 17 years. She's incredibly creative while being mindful of budgets and deadlines. She's always done an excellent job of maintaining brand standards while continuing to develop fresh creative.  She is very professional and provides excellent service. I continue to use Kathy on project work and view her as one of my best resources." - SW

"I have worked with Kathy Montoya on countless projects from design, production and photography. She is FANTASTIC. She's very thoughtful in all of her publications and does everything she can to meet the various needs of my deparment. She's managed multiple projects for us on an on-going basis and has never missed a deadline which is HUGE to our success. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking design and photography. It is a pleasure to work with her." - AB

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