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show the emotion | not just the event

Other than design and illustration, there are not many things that bring me more pleasure than photography. There is something that is special about catching a moment in time that will never ever happen exactly that way again. The light, the color, the facial expression, the sky and the emotion is now stamped in time forever.


Events | Corporate & Private
I do quite a bit of corporate event photography. For examples: class reunions, honoring people or award giving kinds of events. One thing that my clients insist on is capturing the "feeling" of the moment.. don't just take a picture. Anyone can do that. So I make sure that I take "stealth" photos - quietly and quickly capturing that long awaited hello hug or expression.


Faces | Happy People
 I LOVE people. I like being there for that one little moment in time. Whether it's a celebration or just a quiet moment in the sun.

*Side Note* I can also make large poster collages of any of your favorite photos. See sample in slideshow.

Landscape & Architecture | From Dusk 'til Dawn
I have discovered the trick to landscape and outdoor architectural photos is being at the right place with the right light. Those magic hours are priceless.




Product Photography
It seems as though people are doing more online shopping than ever before. Therefore, I have many clients that hire me to take photographs of their inventory mostly for their website purposes, but they are used for many of their other advertising purposes. 
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